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When you have a car accident, bills and expenses can pile up quickly. Hiring the right Louisiana accident attorney can make all the difference. 

An experienced Louisiana accident attorney at the Greenwald Law Firm can help you win maximum compensation for your injuries. This will allow you to focus on recovering physically and mentally rather than worrying about your finances.

How Do I Know Which Louisiana Accident Attorney to Hire?

Plenty of lawyers can handle personal injury cases. But personal injury law is an ever-changing and complex area of the law. 

You need a Louisiana accident lawyer who will treat you like a person, and not a case number. At the Greenwald Law Firm, you can trust that we will provide you with personalized representation. This includes keeping you informed about new developments in your case.

Our legal team will use all our available resources to investigate your accident and negotiate for the full recovery that you deserve.

Louisiana Accident Attorney Getting You Fair Compensation

Calling a car crash an “accident” is common, but it can also be misleading. The same may go for a slip and fall accident. The word “accident” implies that no one is at fault. This is simply not true. If proper care and consideration can prevent an accident, it’s no accident after all. 

Consider this: if a person is texting while driving, or if they are driving while intoxicated, or if a car manufacturer knows their seatbelts are faulty, are your injuries really an accident? What about if a property manager should have known that there was a puddle on the floor or a stairstep was out of place? Are these merely accidents, or could someone have prevented them? 

When you get into a car crash, take a nasty spill on someone else’s property, or otherwise sustain injury due to the fault of another, you deserve compensation from these people who could have prevented your accident. Hiring an experienced Louisiana car accident attorney or premises liability attorney would be the first step in this process.

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What Caused Your Accident?

Getting compensation from a negligent party’s insurance will involve proving liability. Your Louisiana accident attorney will have to conduct an investigation into what caused your accident, and that may be more complicated than you think.



Despite Louisiana law in place to prevent texting and driving, it continues to be a major problem on our roadways. Many people don’t realize how dangerous it is to take your eyes off the road for even a second until it’s too late, and they’ve hurt themselves or someone else.


By now, every driver should realize how dangerous drunk driving is. But police continue to arrest huge numbers of drunk drivers, probably only a percentage of actual drunk drivers on the road. A drunk driving accident lawyer can help you recover damages from such an accident.


Louisiana traffic laws establish rules and regulations for drivers to follow on the roads. Speeding, running traffic lights or stop signs, ignoring right-of-way laws, and many more violations can lead to serious injuries.


We all know Louisiana has its fair share of potholes. What you may not know is that these hazards can cause your car to spin out of control. 

State and local governments are responsible for public road conditions. When they fail to maintain public roads, catastrophic injuries may occur and citizens must hold them liable for these injuries.


When you’re trying to get to work in the morning, or home in the afternoon, or when you’re running late, traffic can be very frustrating. But some drivers are more aggressive than others. 

Aggressive driving behaviors include tailgating, weaving through traffic, or intimidating other drivers into getting out of the way. Aggressive drivers may even intentionally cause harm to others on the road. If you get into a car crash with an aggressive driver, we can help you hold them fully liable for their reckless driving.


Sometimes, a driver loses control of their vehicle due to defective auto parts like brakes or tires. When this happens, consumers have to hold the manufacturer accountable. 

But seeking compensation from a corporation is often more challenging than seeking it from an individual. In this situation, you need the right law firm on your side.

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Like we said before, bills and expenses can pile up when you get into a car accident. Damages for personal injury resulting from a car crash in Louisiana can include:


Treating any type of injury can be costly, whether that injury is serious or not. 

In a personal injury case, you can win compensation for all past and future medical expenses related to the accident. This includes emergency room visits, operations, and even rehabilitation. Having a Louisiana accident attorney who will consider all past and future medical expenses will ensure they seek the full amount of compensation you deserve.


An injury will sometimes prevent you from working for a period of time. It may even prevent you from ever returning to your previous job. 

When coupled with a stack of medical bills, losing even one day of work can be detrimental to your finances. 

Whether you miss work due to medical treatment or your injuries prevent you from doing your job, you deserve compensation for lost wages. If your injuries prevent you from working permanently, or if they caused impairments that force you to seek lower-paying work, you can also seek compensation for future lost earning ability.


Car crashes are destructive. Your insurance company may total your car afterward. Maybe you can’t afford the repairs. 

In personal injury cases, you can also file for property damages. That means your compensation will include money for your vehicle and any other damaged property. That includes laptops, smartphones, clothes, or anything you lost in the accident. Your Louisiana accident attorney can help you calculate an estimate for your property damage.

Not sure if you have a case? Check out the Greenwald Law Firm Personal Injury Calculator here.

How Do You Get Compensation After An Accident in Louisiana?

In cases where liability is clear, and especially if the damages are small, the liable party’s insurance will go ahead and make payments for medical bills and car repairs. But in some cases, insurance companies may deny claims. In these cases, you need an attorney.

If your attorney can prove that another party’s negligence caused your car crash, their insurance will pay out your settlement. 

The process for a settlement agreement is a complex one that requires plenty of experience with personal injury claims. Your Shreveport personal injury attorney will need to come up with a rough estimate of all your damages, including future medical treatment and lost earning potential. Insurance adjusters will also come up with a rough estimate. This will continue with each party adjusting their demands until they can agree.  

Personal Injury Lawsuit In Louisiana

If you and your Louisiana accident attorney can’t arrive at an agreement with the negligent party’s insurance, your personal injury case will go to trial. 

Your Shreveport attorney will need to call witnesses to determine that the negligent party was, in fact, negligent. Your doctor will have to testify that the car crash caused your injuries. Your Louisiana accident attorney will also show their findings from their liability investigation.

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