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Greenwald Law Firm LLC has experience representing clients across Louisiana for almost 20 years. If you or a loved one has been involved in a transportation accident of any kind, it’s important that know your legal rights.

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Getting into an accident of any kind can be one of the most frustrating and scary situations that a person can go through. It’s even worse when the accident was caused by somebody else’s negligence. In those cases, accidents are often unpredictable so it’s hard to know what decisions to make. 

If you were hurt in a transportation accident, whether it be biking, driving a car, or flying in an airplane, it is likely that you are suffering from serious physical pain and mental anguish. You may also be frustrated because of the other person’s careless mistake that caused your accident. 

After such an event, one’s entire life can change forever. That’s why you need an experienced transportation accident lawyer on your side who can protect you from such unforeseeable circumstances. A Shreveport personal injury lawyer like Joey Greenwald can help alleviate some of this stress and frustration for you by getting financial compensation for your injuries or providing legal counsel during negotiations with the insurance company.

Types of Transportation Accidents


There are numerous methods of transportation out there, whether it be on land, water, or by air. Thus, there are innumerable circumstances in which a transportation accident may occur. Joey Greenwald wears many hats when it comes to representing transportation accident victims. Here are some of the roles he takes on:




Being the victim of a horrible accident due to the negligence of another party is enough of a burden.  The added stress and anguish associated with fighting within the court system for appropriate compensation can be avoided.  Partnering with a compassionate, experienced attorney prevents this.  Someone with the ability to take the lead for your injury claim will generate results.  A dedicated litigator that will take the time to build the strongest case possible helps ensure you can achieve the result that you deserve based on your experience.  Although you can’t put a price on happiness, a seasoned transportation accident attorney can make sure the settlement that you receive allows you to return to as much normalcy as possible.

When meeting with clients facing the daunting situation of dealing with trauma and the uncertainty of navigating the legal process, Greenwald Law Firm considers it a personal responsibility to act as a steady hand and trusted guide through every step of the case.  Through our experience, we anticipate what our clients may encounter during litigation. This enables us to develop the best strategy and deliver results.  

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