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Getting hurt on someone else’s property can be detrimental to anyone. Even after receiving proper medical treatment, an injured person may be unable to work or provide for their family, putting them in serious financial jeopardy. It is a scary thought, but innocent people can and often do suffer terrible personal injury or even wrongful death when property owners fail to secure their properties from potential hazards.

Fortunately, there are laws in place that hold negligent property owners accountable for any injuries that occur on their property. If you or a loved one received injuries while on another’s unsafe property, don’t wait any longer. Call the Shreveport premises liability attorneys at Greenwald Law Firm today at 318-219-7867.

Premises Liability Law

Local, state, and federal laws impose regulations on property owners to keep their facilities reasonably safe and to notify others of any hazardous conditions, should they arise. While these regulations differ depending on the state you are in, the essential underlying truth remains the same: property owners have a duty to maintain their land and buildings to be safe for permitted visitors and anyone who may be conducting business there. When an injury happens on someone’s property as a result of unsafe, dangerous, or defective circumstances, premises liability claims may be made.

Common Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability can include a wide range of case types, which makes it all the more important to hire an attorney with knowledge in the area that’s most relevant to your claim. Some of the most common premises liability claims include the following circumstances:

Common Premises Liability Injuries

Just as there are a number of potential premises liability risks, there are also a number of different injuries that may result from them. These injuries include, but are not limited to:

    Premises Liability FAQs

    What is Premises Liability?

    The concept of premises liability relates to the legal obligation that property owners, managers, and occupiers alike must maintain a reasonably safe environment for people who visit or dwell on their premises. This includes anyone from customers to patrons to service employees or tenants. 

    Property owners are legally compelled to issue warnings when a safety hazard or dangerous situation occurs on the premises, at least until the hazard can be addressed or repaired. If a property owner is aware of a hazardous situation that might cause harm and fails to address the problem, he or she may be held liable if someone is injured or killed as a result. This proves negligence on their part, which is the underlying key requirement for a premises liability or other personal injury claim in Louisiana.

    What Damages Can I Recover in a Premises Liability Lawsuit?

    If injury from a dangerous premises caused you to suffer losses of some kind, you are entitled to recovering damages. These damages may include compensation for:

    • Current and future medical expenses
    • Cost of disability
    • Current and future lost wages
    • Property damage or loss, plus repair
    • Loss of earning capacity
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of consortium
    • Punitive damages
      • To punish the defendant for their negligent conduct.

      What is the Statute of Limitations for a Premises Liability Claim in Louisiana?

      In Louisiana, the statute of limitations for a premises liability case provides victims up to one year to file a lawsuit after an injury. This deadline is only applicable to the actual filing of papers that start a civil case in court. Once the claim has been filed, the statute of limitations no longer applies. This applies to both personal injury and wrongful death cases.

      Do I Need a Premises Liability Lawyer to Help With My Claim?

      To win a premises liability lawsuit, the plaintiff must be able to show that their injuries were caused directly by the property owner’s carelessness and negligence. This may seem easy enough to do on your own, but think again. If you are injured on someone’s property, whether residential or commercial, you should expect the property owner to deny responsibility. Like we said, your job (or your attorney’s) is to show that the property owner was in fact negligent. In order to do this, three things must be proven true:

      • At the time of your visit, the property was in a hazardous state.
      • The owner was aware of, or should have been aware of, the property’s hazardous situation.
      • The hazardous situation was to blame for your injuries. 

      In order to establish this, you’ll need more than just your own personal account of the incident. In addition to giving your testimony, you’ll also need to prove the injury actually occurred from a  medical standpoint. A premises liability lawyer can help by gathering evidence from any treating doctors or by presenting medical bills and expert testimony about the damages you’ve suffered. 

      In addition to this, an attorney will investigate your injury and the premises it occurred on to determine its true cause. They will also help build your initial claim, organize facts and evidence in a way that favors you, and find flaws in the opposing party’s case in order to help you obtain the compensation you’re entitled to. 

      In summary, it is crucial that those wishing to file a premises liability claim obtain the help of a skilled premises liability attorney. Here at the Greenwald Law Firm, we have the appropriate resources, knowledge, and experience it takes to assist you in your premises liability case.

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