Shreveport Oil Field Injury Lawyer

Shreveport Oil Field Injury Lawyer

The oil field may be an exciting and rewarding field, but oil and gas workers are often at a higher risk of work-related injuries. Oilfield accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and even death. If you or a loved one has been injured in an oil field accident, contact a Shreveport oil field injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry Personal Injury Lawyer

For the last few decades, the Louisiana oil and gas industry was made up of an average of nearly 2 million employees, according to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. It is common for Louisiana residents to choose careers in the oilfield. However, oilfield workers operate under dangerous conditions due to remote rig locations, physical demands of the job, extreme weather, long hours, and heavy machinery operation.

The Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported that oil and gas extraction workers are killed at a rate seven times greater than all other industries in the United States. For oil and gas workers injured in Shreveport, it is important that you get the help of a skilled oil and gas personal injury lawyer.

What are Common Causes of Oilfield Injuries?

Working in the oil and gas industry often involves working with heavy machinery and toxic chemicals. One wrong move and the whole rig could go up in flames. This industry is incredibly risky, but many are still drawn to it because of the high pay offered. Unfortunately, it’s common for companies to value money over employee safety. When companies place profits over safety, numerous injuries are commonplace and even expected. Companies may cut back on the amount of training they provide, provide poor safety equipment, or overwork employees in an effort to save money. Some of the common causes of oilfield injuries are listed below.

No matter what caused your accident, you can trust an experienced personal injury attorney from Greenwald Law Firm to perform a thorough investigation. We can find out the true cause of your accident and hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

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Types of Oilfield Injuries

No matter what kind of safety measures are in place, accidents can and do happen. Oilfield injuries occur frequently and range from minor to fatal, but oftentimes, these are catastrophic injuries that can impact the victim for the rest of their lives. Some of the more common injuries include:

Working in the oil and gas industry is incredibly labor-intensive. Even minor injuries on an oil rig can result in significant time away from work. With millions of families in America living paycheck to paycheck, it’s likely this loss of income will put your family in financial distress. With help from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, you can recover from your injuries while we recover compensation for you and your family.

Who is At Fault for Oilfield Injuries?

Oil and gas operators often put a lot of pressure on their contracted service providers to cut costs. In turn, these contractors place pressure on their employees to get the job done quickly and not always efficiently. This usually results in understaffing, overworking, and cutting costs wherever possible. Because of this, finding the true cause of an oilfield accident can be incredibly difficult for someone on their own. At Greenwald Law Firm, Joey Greenwald has more than 20 years of experience representing clients all over northwestern Louisiana. We can perform a thorough investigation to determine the true cause of your injuries and hold the negligent party responsible. The Shreveport premises liability attorneys at Greenwald Law Firm can pursue compensation from:

  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Rig operators
  • Oil refinery company
  • Landowners
  • Other contractors on job site
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How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Injured Oil and Gas Workers

Having an attorney-client relationship with an experienced personal injury lawyer can help relieve some of your stress during this overwhelming time. At Greenwald Law Firm, we can carry the burden of paperwork and ensure you meet all the legal deadlines for your personal injury claim. An oil field accident can lead to devastating injuries and lifelong consequences. The last thing you want to do while recovering from a catastrophic injury is run around town trying to gather paperwork and evidence. Let us do that for you. This is just one of our many professional services for your case.

Gathering Evidence

At Greenwald Law Firm, we can focus on gathering evidence to prove your case while you focus on healing. Recovering from any type of injury can take a toll. We know what kind of evidence is needed for personal injury claims. Our personal injury lawyers can talk to witnesses, get security footage, and obtain incident reports that you may not have access to. 

We can also help document your losses and ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

Workers’ Compensation vs Personal Injury Lawsuit

Depending on the details of your case, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim for your injuries and file a personal injury lawsuit to recover full compensation for your injuries. Many people are under the impression that a workers’ comp claim is the only avenue they can take for compensation. For a workers’ comp claim, you don’t necessarily have to prove negligence occurred. In many cases, this compensation only covers a portion of your lost wages, so it’s important to work with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. At Greenwald Law Firm, our team can help you file both a workers’ comp claim and a personal injury claim.

Proving Negligence

To file a successful personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim, you and your legal team must be able to prove legal elements of negligence. The four most important legal elements of negligence are:

  • Duty of care. Employers have a responsibility to provide safe working conditions for their employees. This duty of care can change from employer to employer, but it often includes providing adequate training, proper safety equipment, and maintaining the premises.
  • Breach of duty. Any violation of the duty of care can result in a breach of duty. When employers breach their duty of care, workers can be harmed.
  • Causation. You and your legal team must be able to prove that your injuries are a direct result of the breach of duty.
  • Damages. You and your legal team must be able to prove that you suffered financial losses as a result of your injury.
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Compensation for Injured Oil Field Workers

Catastrophic injuries often come with expensive medical bills and significant time away from work. Injured workers can seek compensation for their lost wages and medical bills through Workers’ Compensation insurance. At Greenwald Law Firm, we can make sure you get all the benefits and compensation you deserve.

Other types of compensation we fight for include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • And more!

Shreveport Louisiana Oil and Gas Personal Injury Lawyer

Most oilfield workers take on dangerous positions like oilfield work to support their families. Unfortunately, being involved in an accident on the job can have serious consequences for both the worker and their families such as major medical expenses, loss of income, and even funeral expenses.

If you or a loved one were involved in an oilfield accident, Greenwald Law Firm in Shreveport can help you receive proper compensation for you and your family. If you are a current client or even a prospective client, you can expect nothing but the best from the Greenwald Law Firm. Schedule a free consultation with Joey Greenwald by calling us today at (318) 219-7867.

Greenwald Law Firm LLC has experience representing clients across Louisiana for almost 20 years. If you or a loved one has been involved in an oilfield accident, know your legal rights. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office at 318-219-7867.
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