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Succession Lawyer Shreveport, LA

Greenwald Law handles large and small successions throughout Louisiana, helping bereaved family and friends through the sensitive process of estate inheritance, following the loss of a loved one.
A succession is the right by which an heir or legatee can take possession of the decedent’s estate, transmitting the estate of the deceased to his or her successors. The successors thus have the right to take possession of the estate of the deceased after complying with applicable provisions of law. La.C.C. Art. 871.

In Louisiana, there are two types of Successions: Testate (Will) or Intestate (Without Will). La.C.C. Art. 873.

La.C.C. Art. 874: Testate Succession

-Testate succession results from the will of the deceased, contained in a testament executed in a form prescribed by law.

There are two forms of Testaments:

  1. Olographic Testament: An olographic testament is one entirely written, dated, and signed in the handwriting of the testator. Although the date may appear anywhere in the testament, the testator must sign the testament at the end of the testament. If anything is written by the testator after his signature, the testament shall not be invalid and such writing may be considered by the court, in its discretion, as part of the testament. The olographic testament is subject to no other requirement as to form. The date is sufficiently indicated if the day, month, and year are reasonably ascertainable from information in the testament, as clarified by extrinsic evidence, if necessary.
  2. Notarial Testament: A notarial testament is one that is executed in accordance with formalities of Articles 1577 through 1580.1

La.C.C. Art. 880: Intestate Succession

-In the absence of valid testamentary disposition, the undisposed property of the deceased devolves by operation of law in favor of his descendants, ascendants, and collaterals, by blood or by adoption, and in favor of his spouse not judicially separated from him, in the order provided in and according to the following articles.

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