If you’ve been charged with embezzlement or suspect you soon will be, you are facing extremely serious consequences if convicted. And if you think you can face those charges alone—even if you know you’re innocent!—you may gamble away decades of your freedom wasting away in prison. Then there are stiff fines and penalties, a ruined reputation, destroyed careers, financial devastation, and loss of social and family relationships.

With all that’s at stake, you must seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in white collar crime at the state level and in federal court litigation.

Embezzlement Under Louisiana Law

The crime of embezzlement occurs when a person has lawful possession of the property and/or money of another and deceptively converts (steals) or takes that property for their own use, depriving the owner of their rights, with no intention of returning the property.

The degree or severity of punishment depends on many factors including what the dollar value embezzled was and from whom was it embezzled.

Louisiana Embezzlement Convictions

The length of imprisonment will vary from six months to as many as 30 years depending on various factors, including any previous criminal convictions. To negotiate a plea and alternative sentencing requires the expertise of a white-collar criminal defense attorney.

Aggressive State And Federal Court Litigator Attorney Joseph Greenwald, Jr.

Not just any attorney is qualified to defend embezzlement charges. So, it’s vital that the attorney you hire have expertise in both white-collar state and federal court procedures and rules.

If the alleged embezzlement happened in Louisiana or Mississippi, experienced state and federal criminal defense attorney Joseph Greenwald is qualified to properly assess your case and how it may be handled by prosecutors, a jury and judges.

Although district attorneys aggressively prosecute embezzlement cases and juries tend not to be sympathetic towards such offenses, a savvy, knowledgeable white-collar crime attorney can explore alternatives to incarceration. Often, an embezzlement victim would rather their money be returned to them than have you sit in jail without the resources to do so.

White-Collar Attorney Joseph Greenwald, Jr

If you’re suspected of embezzlement, you may be embarrassed or ashamed. Shreveport criminal defense attorney Joseph “Joey” Greenwald, Jr. knows people make mistakes and that prosecutors may have the facts wrong. At all times, you’ll be treated with respect without judgment. The initial goal is to review the evidence against you and determine how solid the district attorney’s case is. Then, we’ll discuss your options. Unlike larger firms, your direct contact will be with attorney Greenwald who will take a hands-on approach to your case.

For your free, no-obligation case assessment, contact attorney Joseph Greenwald for a prompt response. When you call 318.219.7867, he’ll schedule your free, no obligation meeting to discuss and assess your unique circumstances. Or if you prefer, send him a private, confidential message on his contact form. Attorney Greenwald’s offices are conveniently located in Shreveport, serving Shreveport and Bossier City. (Also, licensed to practice in Mississippi).

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