A Shreveport teen has died after being struck by a motorist in south Shreveport on June 23rd. Officers responded to reports of a pedestrian involved in a hit-and-run crash where they found the 16-year old victim in a water-filled ditch near the roadway, according to local news reports. Witness statements and evidence left at the scene showed that the victim was struck from behind and thrown into the nearby drainage ditch. The victim later died from his injuries while being treated by intensive care physicians.

It is always unfortunate to learn of an incident in your community where someone is seriously injured or killed due to reckless driving or otherwise preventable accidents. The victim’s family and friends will experience a great deal of pain and emotional distress as they work to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of this tragedy.

The family of the victim should seek a personal injury claim against the hit-and-run driver, though in this particular case it is difficult as even currently the suspect has yet to be identified, and therefore is unable to be prosecuted or compensate the family who is desperately in need.

Unfortunately, victims of hit-and-run accidents are often forced to collect compensation from their own insurance policies after a hit-and-run accident. Unless the running driver can be found through witness identification of their license plate, video evidence from the scene, by turning themselves in, or through some other means, there is no way to hold him/her accountable. In a few states, injured drivers can make a no-fault claim with their own insurer, though Louisiana is not one of these jurisdictions.

Hit and run is a serious offense and can cause an otherwise common automobile accident to turn into a felony charge with much higher consequences. Insurance companies will also cancel automobile insurance policies in addition to serving hefty fees for any damages awarded at fault for a hit-and-run accident.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident resulting in personal injury, up to and including wrongful death, please contact a Shreveport accident attorney at The Greenwald Law Firm for a free consultation to understand and weigh your available options today.

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