Although false sexual assault accusations are uncommon, they do happen more frequently than some people would like to believe. If you’re experiencing the nightmare of being falsely accused, you are probably completely unsure of how to prepare and what to expect. In this blog post, we will walk you through some of the steps you need to take in order to prepare for the legal battle ahead of you. Shreveport criminal attorney Joseph Greenwald is dedicated to ensuring his clients’ sixth amendment rights are met: protection from unfair criminal prosecution. All clients, no matter if they are guilty or not, deserve a fair trial. The attorneys at Greenwald fight tirelessly for your rights. 

Realize How Serious the Situation Is

Do not underestimate the legal ramifications of these charges. Just because you know that you are innocent, does not mean you are in the clear. If your attorney says you shouldn’t worry because “they have no case,” that is not a sign you can relax. If you do not take these charges seriously, you could end up in criminal court and juvenile court. 

You probably just want to “tell your side of the story.” This might not necessarily clear everything up quickly. Defending yourself from these types of allegations is difficult, if not impossible. Just because you are confident that the truth will prevail, does not mean that it will. Do not speak to the police without having a lawyer present. 

Hire the Right Attorney

If you don’t have the advice of an experienced, knowledgeable attorney, you might be doing more harm than good to yourself. In order to deal with these allegations head-on, you need the best possible criminal defense attorney. Don’t risk your case with an attorney that has not proven themselves to be effective criminal defense attorneys. If Just because you know the charges have no merit does not mean that the courts will agree. 

Research attorneys and check for their qualifications, reviews, and case results. Sometimes, an attorney’s client reviews will speak volumes about their commitment to their cases. Find out if your attorney has handled cases like yours before. 

Build a Case

Having an arsenal of strong documentation is your best defense. Begin documenting your experience and interactions with the accuser. Write down as many details as you remember: dates and times of events, people involved. 

Compile a list of possible witnesses. Do not let this list fall into anyone else’s hands. The more people you can put on this list, the better. You will want to include their contact information and write notes about what they will be able to testify to. It is always best to start with a bigger list, and your attorney can take people off as it becomes necessary. 

Nobody wants to hear that these allegations can be very expensive to defend. Plan for the costs. In addition to court fees and attorney fees, you might also have to pay for investigators, expert witnesses and tests. If this is a sex case, you might need testing that will disprove the allegations against you. In some cases, you might need psychological tests to be ordered and administered. 

An experienced criminal attorney will be able to give you an approximate roadmap to prepare you for what you will face during this process. Joseph Greenwald knows what it takes to defend clients falsely accused of sexual assault. He will be able to help you build the strongest possible case. 

Learn As Much As Possible

While you can and should trust your attorney’s advice, it will be helpful for you to do your own research. Educate yourself on the nature of the allegations you are facing. This way when your attorney asks you to do something, you understand the legal reasons behind doing them. The best results come to fully informed and involved clients. Some lawyers would prepare you to sit back and let them do all of the work. A great attorney will demand that you take ownership over your case.

Think Strategically

Many people become their own worst enemies when they are falsely accused of sexual assault, child abuse, or domestic violence. They try to solve things without the help of an attorney. Or perhaps even worse, they keep in contact with their accuser. Avoid speaking to anyone but your lawyer about the details of your case. Do not post on social media. And most of all, do not speak with your accuser or the police without your attorney present. 

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