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As you know, it’s infuriating when your good faith contract has been violated or “breached” by the other party. Any obligations to which you agreed have been met. But the other party failed to fulfill their contractual responsibilities. Within the contract, it was made clear who was responsible for what, when, and at what cost. Unfortunately, the other party failed to meet their agreements and caused you to incur damages.

 Although you may have already tried to compel the other party to fulfill their contractual duties, they have continued not to uphold the agreement terms. In such a matter, a competent breach of contract attorney can help.

How to Determine When It’s Time to File A Civil Court Lawsuit

 Before you proceed with the aggravation, time, and expense of filing a breach of contract lawsuit, it’s important to consider the following three essential factors to determine whether it’s worth it.



#1  Can you prove the other party—the prospective defendant–had a contractual duty to you (the prospective plaintiff)? You must be specific about what the defendant agreed to in your contract. To win a lawsuit, you must be able to prove they had a duty to perform certain acts as specified in the contract.

#2  Did the prospective defendant fail to fulfill their contractual duty to you? You must objectively as possible determine specifically how they failed to fulfill their contracted responsibilities. To prove this, you must be able to demonstrate what the party failed to do.

#3  How likely is it that if you win a civil court lawsuit for their breach of contract you will be able to collect monetary damages? No matter how right you are and wrong the defendant is, if they don’t have the ability or means to pay a judgment, it’s pointless to sue them. If you want to win on principle alone despite the inability to collect a just monetary settlement, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the time and money you’ll have to pay in court filings and potential attorney fees as well as the frustration of not being able to force the defendant to pay damages.

Greenwald Law Firm’s Knowledgeable Attorney Can Assess the Viability of Your Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Founding partner Joseph Greenwald, Jr., has over two decades of experience practicing civil law in Louisiana and Mississippi. His proven success as an aggressive, skilled litigator is backed by his extensive contractual law case wins. As a dedicated, passionate legal advocate for his clients who have been damaged by a breach of contract, attorney Greenwald provides sound counsel and lucrative settlement outcomes.

Esteemed Attorney Joey Greenwald, Jr., Vigorously Represents Clients in Individual, Business, Real Estate, Employment, and Investment Contract Breaches

As a skilled breach of the civil litigator, attorney Greenwald has successfully resolved many contract disputes cases ranging from property sale; buy and sell agreements; shareholder, partnership and franchise agreements; real estate and licensing contracts; employment law; non-compete agreements and more:

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